Maria Peskina
I am a woman. I am german born with russian roots, now Zurich based. My graphic design practice is mostly instinctive and aiming to constantly re-envision and reimagine visual solutions through a conceptual and research based approach.
©2020 Maria Peskina
Flyer for a classical concert
This flyer was created for a classical concert in Thalkirch, Graubünden.
It was a soundscape concert, where the listeners should cover their eyes for most of the time and tell what kind of landscape they saw after each music piece.
Improvisation played a big role in the concert, so I translated the aspect of the improvisation visually by drawing the lettering with closed eyes.
Air listening station
Digital illustration
Comissioned by Mélia Roger, a sound engineer from the Zurich Academy of the Arts.
I developed a visual for an «air listening station», a listening cabin, where a single participant can enter and experience a soundscape processed «live», modified by an air quality sensor.
My inspiration came from her paper about that listening cabin, where she wrote, that air pollution could also be ear pollution., Zürich, gratis, 24h
Information Design Poster
Through this project I wanted to show how many home appliances and how much furniture is available for free everyday in Kanton Zürich.
The objects are visualized in 3 different ways: colored lines that fade out, if the objects is taken; by size and by region.
Poster proposal for ZHdK
in cooperation with Jana Liebe and Noah Almonte
Mentoring by Jonas Voegeli and Lea Michel

We created a key visual that represents the Zurich Academy of Arts as a magnet and is also acting as the headline of the event.
Our concept describes the Zurich Academy of the Arts as a magnet not only for new students, but for all kinds of people that are interested in arts, design, film and music and much more. A magnet attracts things and puts them in motion.
We referenciated pictures of magnetic fields that are torn into one focal point.
Impermanent Record Store
I created a zine for a fictional record store that is inside the Nagakin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. The Tower is a landmark from the Metabolism movement in the 60s and 70s, a Japanese architectural movement that fused ideas about architectural megastructures with those of organic biological growth.
My inspiration came from the regeneration of nature, that is also the core principle of the Metabolism movement.
ON Shoes campaign
Digital photography
Commissioned by ON Shoes
Mentoring by Matthias Bünzli und Hansruedi Rohrer
Through exploring the core of ON Shoes, I came across the special materials and the individual parts that create the shoe.
With this photographic project I wanted to show the materials in a different way and emphasize their sculptural value. In this way a personal, intimate side of ON is emphasized.
Utopische Elemente in Filaretes Idealstadt Plusiapolis
I reinterpreted an essay about a renaissance architect that invented two utopian cities. He wrote about how he pictured them, the aesthetics of the cities, the rules, the system.
I re-thought his visions as a manifest for how cities in the future should be like. The visual inspiration came from Russian communist propaganda pamphlets from the early 20th century.